Explore world with your kids

Why do we constrain children’s feet from the start of their lives? Kids shouldn’t be held up by anything in their discovery of the world. Skinners gives children the freedom and protection that allow their feet to develop at a healthy pace.

Fun of movement
Water sports
Hike & travel
Play & explore
Jungle gym

More colors,

more fun

We know kids are all about colors, so we have an expansive offering of brand-new colorful designs that your kids will love. Let them have fun without any limitations. Which color will it be? Pink or blue?


Easy to put on

No more troubles putting your kids' shoes on. You can easily slip Skinners on and off in seconds.


Accidental falls and slips are a constant in kids‘ lives. In Skinners, a dirty floor or spilled water is nothing to worry about.

Machine washable

Skinners are made without any glue or seams that could fall apart while washing. You can easily wash them with the rest of your clothes. Shoe care has never been easier!


Let your kids enjoy being barefoot and free.


Kids can be expected to give their clothes and shoes a rough time most days. Do you know anything about that? Skinners were carefully designed to combine the comfort and durability that is important for your kids to safely explore the world.

Handmade in Europe

Skinners has developed and patented a fusion technology that merges the best features of shoes and socks into one compact product. Precise European manufacturing and premium materials, with a thorough inspection of every pair, make Skinners truly revolutionary.

For the natural development of your kids' feet

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No matter if you are going for an afternoon walk with your dog or a family trip abroad, your kids can always make it with their Skinners.

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Jungle gym

Good grip is crucial for your kids when enjoying a day full of fun in a jungle gym.

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With Skinners, your kids can feel at home, even in kindergarden.